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Do you know that you only have a few seconds to make a good impression online?

Today’s sophisticated consumers expect high-quality, relevant, and engaging online interactions and if they don’t get what they need, your competitors are just clicks away. WebCognize team has a lot of creative ideas, exceptional communication and organizational skills and the ability to meet deadlines.

We at WebCognize will take the responsibility for the information that appears on your company’s website. We work closely with project teams, editors, developers and designers to coordinate the site content and make sure it is relevant to the needs of the target client. WebCognize team will write, edit and proofread site content. WebCognize has a technical team with advanced knowledge of HTML and experience with popular content management systems to update your site regarding new developments.

The strength of WebCognize team is a combination of creativity with a strong technical expertise, producing interesting and original content. Our team will also be responsible for crafting site promotions, email newsletters and online outreach campaigns, developing a comprehensive content management system. WebCognize will Implement changes to site layout and content based on website analytics. WebCognize has a SEO team to make sure we create content using SEO best practices and keyword research.

WebCognize has a content management system (CMS) which includes two elements:
Content management application (CMA) and Content delivery application (CDA). The CMA allows our user or client, who is not familiar with HTML, to creat, modify and remove content from a site without the help of a webdeveloper. The CDA uses that information to update the Web site. The CMS has a publishing feature which allows us to create or modify content with predefined templates which the user or client has approved beforehand. The CMS also has a format management feature which enables documents to be formatted into HTML or PDF for publishing on the website. The CMS has a Revision control feature which allows content to be updated to latest version or restored back to the previous version. It keeps track of all editing of files. The CMS indexes all data within an organization to allow users to search and retrieve data using keywords.

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